• Tax and Lien searches
  • Owner’s, Lender’s, and Limited Protection Policies
  • Refinance & Purchase Transactions
  • Borrower/Settlement Agent Closing Management
  • ALTA Title insurance policies
  • Mortgage recording
  • Full Service Title Clearance
  • Disbursement of Loan Proceeds
  • Blanket Protection Policies for Bulk Purchase/REO Transactions

Our Advantage

Automation and self-population lie at the heart of our technological advantage. By automating or semi-automating all tasks that don’t require heavy judgment, we ensure none of the players involved waste a single keystroke. Many title companies put their own needs first, making it difficult to find an honest and suitable match. First Title & Escrow is different in that we make the client's needs our first priority. We leave no stone unturned and work with the customer to develop a detailed, step-by-step plan in order to maximize benefits.